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The Law partially restoring NACP authorities has come into effect
Today, on December 30th, the Law of Ukraine No. 1079-ІХ “On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On Corruption Prevention” with regard to restoring the mechanism for corruption prevention, and the Law of Ukraine No. 1074-IX “On Amendment to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine regarding Liability for Declaring False Information and Failure to File a Declaration of the Person Authorized to Perform the Functions of the State or Local Self-Government” by the declaring subject, came into effect. Thus, from this day forth, the powers of the National Agency on Corruption Prevention (the NACP), which ...
“Due to the resumption of cooperation with international partners in 2020, the NACP has created effective digital tools” — the NACP Deputy Head, Presniakov
Following the reboot of the National Agency on Corruption Prevention (the NACP) this year, ensuring efficient cooperation with international partners has been one the Agency’s objectives. “We are confident that efficient international partnerships are a prerequisite for the creation of effective policies and tools to ensure transparency and integrity of public service. This has been evidenced by our joint achievements”, — the NACP Deputy Head, Ivan Presniakov, stated. “Due to collaboration with international partners, we created efficient digital tools: launched the POLITDATA Register, be...
Imprisonment for false statements in the declaration has not been provided for – the respective law has been signed
On December 23, a law was signed that aims to restore criminal liabilities for declaring false data and intentional failure to file a declaration. This law was voted for by all parliamentary factions and groups. The National Agency on Corruption Prevention (the NACP) would like to remind that this law does not provide for imprisonment in the event that a top official intentionally fails to declare his/her property, or intentionally fails to file a declaration. “While society expects adequate punishment for corruptionists, the NACP has been deprived of any possibility to demonstrate that...
The Verkhovna Rada adopted draft laws restoring NACP authorities. The Agency’s comment:
Today, on December15th, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted draft laws No. 4470 and 4471 aiming to restore authorities of the National Agency on Corruption Prevention (the NACP). Constitutional majority of the Members of Parliament – 300 and 321 respectively – voted for these decisions. Adoption of this law was required in connection with the adoption of the decision No. 13-р/2020 by the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, which stripped the NACP of the majority of its powers. The NACP opinion on the adopted law: “The adopted draft laws will enable the NACP to resume its operation. Offici...
Based on the results of consideration of reports, NACP found undeclared assets amounting to UAH 393.5 million in 2020
In the first six months of 2020, the National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP) found undeclared assets amounting to UAH 393 million during full verification of declarations based on individual and law enforcement agency reports. In total, during full inspections in 2020, the incorrect information amounting to UAH 497 million, was found. Prior to the adoption of the Decision of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine No. 13-r/2020, which declared certain provisions of the Law of Ukraine on Prevention of Corruption unconstitutional, the NACP conducted full verification of public official de...
The NACP Head addressed the Prosecutor General and the Chairman of the Supreme Court: courts unjustifiably close cases of conflict of interest
The Decision of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine (CCU) No. 13-r/2020 deprived the National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP) of the opportunity to issue administrative protocols related to conflicts of interest. However, the Articles of the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offenses, which provide for liability for such offenses, remain in force. Despite this, some courts began to close cases of conflict of interest on the basis of the CCU’s Decision. In this regard, Oleksandr Novikov, Head of the NACP, addressed Iryna Venediktova, Prosecutor General of Ukraine, and Valentyna Dan...
The court denied Altaiur LLC’s UAH-million lawsuit against NACP for protection of honor, dignity and business reputation
The Commercial Court of Kyiv City considered the claim of Altaiur LLC against the National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP) in the case 910/8593/20. The court supported the position of the NACP and denied Altaiur LLC in full satisfaction of the claim. Earlier, Altaiur LLC filed a lawsuit to protect the honor, dignity and business reputation in connection with the information published on the NACP website. The claimant requested to collect UAH 1,000,000 of public funds in its favour. Thus, UAH 1,000,000 remains in the budget. What is the substance of the case? This summer, Alta...
According to the draft Opinion of the Venice Commission, imprisonment for lying in the declaration must be maintained – NACP
The Venice Commission of the Council of Europe published a draft opinion on the situation in Ukraine, which has developed in connection with the Decision of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine (CCU) on the e-declaration system. The draft Opinion states, inter alia, that the punishment in the form of imprisonment for intentional failure to submit a declaration and intentionally providing inaccurate information to a certain extent must be maintained. This limit in all registered draft laws to implement the CCU’s Decision has been doubled – from 250 to 500 amounts of minimum subsistence level ...
In view of the Decision of the CCU, the courts are forced to suspend consideration of about 1,200 cases amounting to UAH hundreds of millions – NACP Head
All cases concerning providing inaccurate information in declarations for 2015–2019 will be closed in view of the Decision of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine No. 13-r/2020. Thus, these cases can never be considered again and their participants are completely released from liability. This was stated by Oleksandr Novikov, Head of the National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP), on a special broadcast of Channel 24, dedicated to International Anti-Corruption Day. “A total of 4,700 cases were registered by law enforcement agencies, and it’s not just by the Anti-Corruption Bureau, it’...
Anti-corruption awareness-raising gets closer: the NACP Integrity Building Office launches its own webpage
On December 9, the International Anti-Corruption Day, the Integrity Building Office, launched its own webpage. The Integrity Building Office is a new program area of the National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP) and was established after the Agency’s reboot. The Office is responsible for awareness-raising and training activities, as well as interaction with civil society. The mission of the Office is to launch change in order to build an integrity-based society. “Integrity and openness are essential in preventing corruption. The Integrity Building Office has been active since July ...
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