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The State Anti-Corruption Program, which meets the demands of society and brings Ukraine closer to the membership of the EU and NATO, is ready for approval by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
On January 25, the National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP) sent the revised draft of the State Anti-Corruption Program for 2023-2025 to the Government Committee on National Security, Defense and Law Enforcement for reconsideration. The Agency settled all, without exception, disagreements regarding the draft program with 17 authorities, whose representatives are members of the Government Committee (full composition — 19 people). The document received general praise and support from experts, international partners of Ukraine and the public, in particular, the Delegation of the Europe...
The NACP 2.0.  Corruption Risk Detection – 2022: War-related Risks
After the full-scale invasion of Russia, the National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP) conducted a strategic analysis of corruption risks in areas closely related to the war: providing housing for military personnel, crossing the state border, limiting the import of medicine and receiving humanitarian aid. In addition, the NACP closely follows the reforms of urban planning and certification of seafarers. "Over the past year, we have conducted in-depth analytical work to identify corruption risks in the most sensitive issues: border crossing by conscripts, restrictions on the import o...
It is the updated Supreme Council of Justice that should set the tone for state policy in the field of justice, – Andrii Vishnevskyi
The Supreme Council of Justice (SCJ) supported the draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine "On approval of the State Anti-Corruption Program for 2023-2025" with comments and suggestions. 14 SCJ members voted for this decision at the first meeting in the new authorized composition, 1 against. "The sphere of justice is indicated as the first priority sector for reform in the Anti-Сorruption Strategy until 2025. This is extremely important for society, in particular in the context of the fulfillment of Ukraine's obligations for Ukraine's acquisition of EU membership", — said An...
The NACP 2.0.  Digital transformation – 2022: sanctions portal, training platform, digital office for authorized persons and transition to management of objectives according to OKR methodology
Digitization is a key aspect of the fight against corruption. After all, thanks to new IT tools, the National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP) detects violations of anti-corruption legislation. In particular, thanks to the "Hidden Interests" Portal, the Agency's specialists identify possible signs of a conflict of interest among officials and begin appropriate monitoring of them. "The digital tools implemented by the NACP are not just IT products, but unique solutions designed to reduce corruption in the state sphere. Every product we created last year is a convenient tool for indepe...
The NACP 2.0: financial control 2022 – unsubstantiated assets for $9.4 million and UAH 100 million
Despite the fact that the full-scale Russian invasion stopped full checks of declarations, the National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP) continued to exercise financial control over officials using the available tools. One of them is monitoring the lifestyle of public servants. "2022 was a difficult year for everyone, but the war should not stand in the way of the financial control of officials. These mechanisms, first of all, are created to prevent corruption, therefore, without them, the volume of work of other anti-corruption bodies will increase several times, while the losses to ...
The NACP 2.0: prevention of conflicts of interest among top officials, identification of collaborators and new IT tools
Conflict of interest is a component of every corruption crime.Therefore, the National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP) continues to actively prevent conflicts of interest among officials. A conflict of interest that was prevented is not a committed crime. For example, just last year, the NACP monitored the existence of a conflict of interest in 438 officials, in particular, in the activities of 55 officials of Regional Military Administrations when booking conscripts and granting them permission to travel abroad. What are the key achievements in this direction in 2022? 7 crimin...
The greatest resistance to the prospect of painful treatment is shown by the spheres most affected by the disease of corruption – Andrii Vyshnevskyi
On January 9, the Government Committee on National Security and Defense and Law Enforcement reviewed the draft of the State Anti-Corruption Program (the Program). The meeting of the Government Committee was held in an expanded composition - all authorities involved in the preparation and future implementation of the Program were invited to participate in it. 14 of them presented their comments on the project at the meeting of the Government Committee and asked for additional coordination procedures. After finalization of the Program draft, taking into account these procedures, it must be re...
An important step towards overcoming political corruption: the draft Code of Ethics for People’s Deputies was registered in the parliament
A group of MP's, which includes representatives of almost all parliamentary factions and groups, yesterday, December 30, 2022, submitted to the parliament the draft Law of Ukraine "On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine Regarding the Rules of Ethical Behavior of People's Deputies of Ukraine (Code of Ethics)" (registration number 8327). The draft law proposes to make changes to a number of laws of Ukraine ("On the status of the people's deputy of Ukraine", "On the committees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine", the Regulations of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, approved by the Law of...
The first step was taken to reduce corruption risks in the training and certification of seafarers: the Government approved the updated procedure
According to UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development), in 2021 Ukraine ranked 6th in the world in terms of the number of working seafarers. This is more than 4% of workers in the global maritime industry. Therefore, the scale of corruption in the certification of sailors is also impressive. That's about $100 million a year. When criminals make money from corruption risks, Ukraine not only remains without qualified sailors, but can also lose $4 billion. foreign currency income, because that is how much the sailors transferred every year before the beginning of the full-sca...
The draft of the State Anti-Corruption Program has been sent to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and is awaiting consideration by the Government Committee
The National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP) sent the draft of the State Anti-Corruption Program for 2023-2025 to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. You can learn more about the submitted draft of the Program via the link. This was preceded by several weeks of conciliation procedures with the interested bodies. In total, the NACP received 121 approvals from authorities and state enterprises, of which: 79 – without comments, 42 – with comments. You can learn more about the positions of the bodies on our website in the “Approval of the State Anti-Corruption Program draft” section. ...
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