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National Agency on Corruption Prevention
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Authorized units

The autonomous and functionally independent structural units (persons) with the role of preventing and detecting corruption are to be established (appointed) in state bodies, local governments, enterprises, institutions and organizations managed by a state body, as well as in state special-purpose funds.

The list of bodies and institutions in which the authorized units (authorized persons) on prevention and detection of corruption are established, is defined in Article 13-1 of the Law of Ukraine on Prevention of Corruption.

The main tasks of authorized units (authorized person) are as follows:

1) organization of anti-corruption measures and control over the implementation of anti-corruption legislation;

2) organization of corruption risk management within the activities of the authority;

3) provision of methodological and consulting assistance on anti-corruption legislation;

4) implementation of measures aimed to identify conflict of interest and facilitate its settlement;

5) checking the status of submitted declarations and notification of the National Agency about cases of non-submission or late submission;

6) consideration of reports of violation of the Law of Ukraine on Prevention of Corruption;

7) ensuring protection of whistleblowers who report violations of anti-corruption legislation from the application of negative measures of influence by a manager or employer;

8) informing the head of the relevant body, the National Agency or other specially authorized anti-corruption entities about the facts of violation of anti-corruption legislation.

The National Agency coordinates and provides methodological support for the activities of authorized units (authorized persons).

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