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National Agency on Corruption Prevention

Corruption prevention and detection
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January 15, 2021
15 Jan


NACP’s clarification on filling in declarations

See the clarification on filling in property status declarations prepared by the NACP.

NACP’s clarification on the status of whistleblowers

See the clarification on the status of whistleblowers in Ukraine prepared by the NACP.

Register of Political Party Reports

Unified State Register of Political Party Reports on Property, Income, Expenditures and Financial Liabilities.

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NACP’s clarification on reporting by political parties

Find answers to your questions about political party financial reporting online.

Register of Declarations

Unified State Register of Declarations of Persons Authorized to Perform the Functions of the State or Local Government.

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Clarification on the work of authorized units

Contact the department that works with anti-corruption units to receive prompt answers to your questions.

Register of Corrupt Officials

Unified State Register of Persons that Committed Corruption or Corruption-Related Offenses

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Receive clarification on declarations

Receive answers to your questions regarding filling in property status declarations.

Receive clarification on conflicts of interest

Send your questions about conflicts of interest or restrictions concerning public servants to NACP experts.

Submit a request to the NACP

Submit your appeal, application or complaint in accordance with the Law of Ukraine on Access to Public Information.

Technical assistance in working with the Register of Declarations

Receive support in case of technical problems with the Register of Declarations.

Receive clarification on reporting by political parties

Send questions regarding reporting by political parties to NACP experts.

Report corruption

Report a corruption offense to the NACP in accordance with the requirements of the Law on Prevention of Corruption through a secure channel.

Report a conflict of interest

Inform the NACP of an alleged conflict of interest should you have reliable information concerning it.

Map of Authorized Units of Ukraine

Unified map of authorized units of state bodies of Ukraine.

Integrity Building Office
We incite changes to build an upstanding society
We motivate people to rethink and change their behaviors to form a zero tolerance for corruption in society

We communicate anti-corruption legislation to the public service and other stakeholders in a clear manne

We build partnerships with civil society, anti-corruption bodies, other projects, and organizations to strengthen one another and successfully implement anti-corruption initiatives

office office office
State Organizations
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