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The NACP: main advantages of the updated Register of Declarations for declaring subjects and citizens

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The NACP: main advantages of the updated Register of Declarations for declaring subjects and citizens

In late 2020, the National Agency on Corruption Prevention (the NACP) updated the Unified State Register of Declarations of Persons Authorized to Perform Functions of the State or Local Self-Government (the Register of Declarations).

We strived to make the Register more convenient and user-friendly, and easy-to-use both for declaring subjects who file electronic documents to the Register, and for users of the publicly accessible part thereof.

Let’s discuss in more detail the major advantages of the updated Register of Declarations:

  1. Convenient search of declarations in the public part of the Register:
  • an added comprehensive search by content of all documents submitted to the Register (“search all” checkbox close to the search field). This enables search of declarations by any object of declaration. Thus, for example, searching by “Mercedes” as the key word will enable finding all declarations of persons who have declared vehicles of this make;
  • following launch, the public part of the Registry will enable viewing other documents of the same declaring subject immediately, without the need for any additional search: an “other documents of the declaring subject” option has been added, which contains links to all documents filed by the declarant in the Register.
  1. Streamlined work with the qualified electronic signature (QES) and login into the Register of Declarations:
  • from this day forth it is possible to log in using QES (including through a protected medium) at the login page of the Register (, as well as using ID.GOV.UA Integrated Electronic Identification System;
  • it is possible to use several QESs to login into the Register. If identification data of the declaring subject has not changed with the change of the QES (last name, first name, patronymic and the registration number of the taxpayer’s record card), the procedure of changing QES in the Register shall not be required;
  • if identification data in the QES has changed, and the declarant’s email has changed, the option to get access to the personal user account in the Register has been added using the procedure “Email has changed”.
  1. Communication with NACP authorized persons who verify declarations was streamlined.  The declaring subject can add files in jpeg, .jpg, .png, .bmp, .pdf. formats in the personal user account of the Registry to notices to the NACP authorized persons who conduct comprehensive verification of their declarations.
  2. In addition, as we informed earlier, currently personal data in the draft documents do not disappear.  Thus, the declaring subject can fill in the documents from different devices with different QESs.  When the new declaration is created based on the previous one, transfer of the declaring subject’s personal data to the new document has been ensured regardless of the computer on which they work with the Register.

We will continue to inform you further on other advantages of the updated Register of Declarations.

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