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NACP initiates the imposition of international sanctions on “Roscosmos” and companies that manufacture components for military equipment

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NACP initiates the imposition of international sanctions on “Roscosmos” and companies that manufacture components for military equipment

The NACP initiated the imposition of international sanctions on another 19 legal entities and 15 individuals supporting the war against Ukraine.

This is already the 25th list that NACP sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine for the expansion of sanctions by partner countries.

A total of 19,300+ individuals and 4,100+ legal entities have already been added to the lists.

The new list includes:

  •  companies involved in strategic sectors of the Russian economy, including the military-industrial complex.

Among them, the list includes the corporation “Roscosmos”, which performs the functions of ensuring the implementation of state policy in the field of space activities during the implementation of joint projects and programs related to the production by organizations of the rocket and space industry of rocket and space equipment for military purposes, combat missile equipment of strategic  appointment.  In addition, together with the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, “Roscosmos” implements the GLONASS project (Russian satellite navigation system);

  •  management of companies whose activities are focused on supporting the military-industrial complex.
  •  In particular, the management of the European Bearing Corporation (EPC) and the group of enterprises that are part of it, as well as these companies directly.

EPC specializes in the production of bearings used in the production of Russian locomotives, airplanes, ships, cars, gas turbines, as well as military equipment.

The EPC group of companies is a supplier of bearings for enterprises of the Russian defense-industrial complex, such as Uraltransmash (produces self-propelled howitzers “Akatsiya”), Taganrog Aviation Scientific and Technical Complex named after  AHEM.  Beriev (developer of the Tu-95MSM missile carrier), Ural Optical-Mechanical Plant (manufactures optical-locating systems for Su and MiG military aircraft).

The role of NACP in the identification of candidates for sanctions is provided in the Individual Sanctions Roadmap developed within the international Yermak-McFaul Expert Group on Russian Sanctions. 

 Learn more about «candidates for sanctions» and the list of persons who have already been sanctioned since the beginning of the full-scale war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine via “War and Sanctions” web portal.

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