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On the light side: how did the NACP work during the war?

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On the light side: how did the NACP work during the war?

Today, on December 9th, the whole world celebrates the International Anti-Corruption Day. Sixteen years ago, Ukraine ratified the UN Convention against Corruption, but in fact, the real fight against corruption began thanks to the Revolution of Dignity. Since then Ukraine began to create a powerful system of anti-corruption bodies, which is now working together with all Ukrainians for victory.

For the National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP), the formation of a culture of integrity and the prevention of corruption is the main contribution to the future victory. 

What are the results of the NACP?

After the Russian full-scale invasion, the NACP quickly adapted to changes in society.

Despite the partial suspension of functions, the NACP not only continues to perform its duties, but also redistributes resources for wartime needs.

The suspension of mandatory declaration does not stop the NACP from checking officials. NACP resumed work on lifestyle monitoring and began monitoring 78 declarants. During this time, administrative protocols were drawn up for 5 MP’s due to the inclusion of inaccurate information in the declaration for a total amount of over UAH 3.1 million.

We monitor transparent and open reporting by political parties.

Financial reports of political parties and candidates during the elections will be available to every Ukrainian through the POLITDATA portal. This issue was settled by CEC Resolution No. 90 dated August 12, 2022.

Another powerful result this year was the adoption by the Verkhovna Rada of the Anti-Corruption Strategy until 2025. Currently, the NACP has developed a draft of the State Anti-Corruption Program for the Implementation of the Anti-Corruption Strategy for 2023-2025. This program will become a high-quality tool for the implementation of anti-corruption policy, the development of Ukraine as a European state, transparent post-war reconstruction and the formation of a virtuous society.

The NACP continues its work on preventing conflicts of interest.

  • Administrative protocols were drawn up for MP’s, the deputy minister, the prosecutor, 3 city mayors, 9 district council heads, and 11 civil servants.
  • 115 reports on signs of criminal offenses against the foundations of national security were sent.
  • 14 prescriptions were made due to conflict of interest.
  • 295 reports of corruption and other violations of the requirements of the Law of Ukraine “On Prevention of Corruption” were considered.
  • 3 substantiated conclusions on the detection of signs of corruption offenses in the amount of more than UAH 5.8 million were approved.
  • 18 substantiated conclusions on the detection of signs of offenses related to corruption were approved.

Preparation of analytical materials on corruption risks related to the war became a separate area of work for the NACP.

In particular, the Agency closely monitors corruption factors when crossing the border. The result of the analysis was a research “Departure from Ukraine abroad under martial law: how to eliminate corruption”.

The NACP also analyzed corruption risks during restrictions on the circulation of medicines and prepared a separate research “Corruption risks during restrictions on the circulation of medicines under martial law”, which identified a number of corruption risks that could lead to catastrophic consequences if the situation is not changed.

For Ukraine, the issue of post-war reconstruction is acute. The NACP, as a body that formulates anti-corruption policy and is responsible for preventing corruption, continues to work on zero tolerance for corruption.

What has already been done?

  • The pilot project “Transparent School” was launched. Its goal is the qualitative transformation of the school environment of Ukraine through the implementation of effective training on integrity and anti-corruption for students and teachers. 16 educational institutions out of 135 schools from all over Ukraine were selected to participate in the project.
  • The educational platform has been launched, which contains the best free online courses on anti-corruption and integrity. In addition, two new online courses “Fundamentals of anti-corruption for everyone” and a basic course for “YOU University” students were launched.
  • Within the framework of the project “Ukraine NOW. Vision of the Future” published 25 video interviews and 7 streams with opinion leaders, which were viewed by more than 220,000 people.

The NACP also actively helps with sanctions policy.

Thus, the NACP launched the “War and Sanctions” Portal and the Portal for whistleblowers’ reports about the assets of persons involved in the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine.

The Agency identified about 20,000 individuals and 4,000 legal entities involved in aggression against Ukraine and prepared lists of candidates for the imposition of international sanctions. The role of NACP in the identification of candidates for sanctions is provided in the Individual Sanctions Roadmap developed within the international Yermak-McFaul Expert Group on Russian Sanctions.

In addition, more than 450 foreigners were found in 500 Russian companies who were part of the management bodies (CEOs, supervisory boards) from 50 countries (mostly from Germany, USA, Great Britain, France, Italy, Austria).

Help with the search for traitors became a separate area of work of the NACP. The agency identified 2,464 facts of possible collaborative activity and transferred these lists to the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU).

What challenges are still ahead?

Now, for the NACP, the issue of restoring mandatory declaration and full checks is fundamentally important. At a time when international partners closely monitor our actions and help replenish the budget of our country, control over the wealth of officials plays an extraordinary role. We expect that the parliamentarians will amend the Law as soon as possible and return mandatory financial control over officials.

We continue to work for victory!

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