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The Head of the NACP and the Ambassador of Japan discussed the priority areas of cooperation and the role of the NACP in the process of post-war reconstruction of Ukraine

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The Head of the NACP and the Ambassador of Japan discussed the priority areas of cooperation and the role of the NACP in the process of post-war reconstruction of Ukraine

The role of NACP in rebuilding Ukraine is to ensure the appropriate functioning of the institutional arrangements aimed at integrity and minimisation of corruption risks. This may include identifying corruption risks in reconstruction-related areas, humanitarian aid, conducting the anti-corruption expertise of draft laws aimed at regulating the reconstruction process, doing due diligence and verifying the corruption management systems of companies seeking contracts to implement reconstruction-related projects. This was stated by the Head of the NACP Oleksandr Novikov, during a meeting with Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan to Ukraine Kuninori Matsuda.

He thanked Japan for comprehensive support of Ukraine and emphasized the importance of coordination and strengthening of the sanctions policy against Russia. Since Russian full scale invasion to Ukraine, the NACP is providing analytical support to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine in terms of expanding the lists of potential candidates for the purpose of application of personal restrictive measures (sanctions) against Russian and Belarus individuals in foreign jurisdictions. We also help the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine to communicate our approach to personal sanctions with other jurisdictions and we are very active in this domain.

Japan immediately joined international sanctions after Russia invaded Ukraine earlier this year.

“We are sincerely grateful to the authorities and people of Japan for the steps taken in response to Russia’s unjustified and unprovoked aggression against Ukraine. Japan understands Ukraine like no other. The Ukrainian Parliament has voted for the Resolution on Address by the  Verkhovna Rada to the International Community regarding the Northern Territories of Japan (№8108).

In its address, the Parliament expressed its support for Japanese position regarding its Northern Territories and recognized the Kuril Islands as occupied by the Russian Federation”, — said Oleksandr Novikov.

He told the Ambassador of Japan about the role of the Anti-Corruption Strategy in the further development of Ukraine.

“Ukraine is a developed democratic state. We have ratified the UN Convention against Corruption, we actively cooperate with the OECD in many directions and are confidently moving towards full membership in the organization. We have received the status of a candidate for EU membership  and are gradually approaching potential NATO accession. The adoption this year of the Anti-Corruption Strategy of Ukraine until 2025 clearly demonstrates our choice to our international partners. We are guided by the values ​​of democracy, integrity and the rule of law. The strategy will help Ukraine save up to 5 billion dollars annually and overcome problems in those areas that suffer the most from corruption. This is especially important within the framework of the post-war reconstruction of our state”, —  stressed the Head of the NACP.

He also emphasized the need for the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to adopt the State Anti-Corruption Program as soon as possible, as it should become a road map for the implementation of the Strategy.

The most essential and most difficult part of our work is the development of a new Ukrainian state, Ukraine 2.0. This state must be based on the principles of uncompromising public integrity and accountability, clearly defined limits of power, and true participatory democracy.  We have to do this while our arm forces are on the battlefield fighting for the sovereignty and freedom of Ukraine. As the central executive body that is responsible for the development of anti-corruption policy, we can contribute to this work through the effective implementation of the Anti-corruption Strategy”, — said Oleksandr Novikov.

Ambassador of Japan Kuninori Matsuda stressed that Japan supports the efforts of the NACP and other anti-corruption bodies to develop integrity and just society. 

“Japan welcomes the fact that, despite the hostilities, the work has not stopped: the Head of the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office has been elected, a competition is being held for the position of the director of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau, the Anti-Corruption Strategy has been adopted and the Action plan for the Strategy has being developed. As part of its presidency of the G7 next year, Japan is ready to continue supporting anti-corruption reforms and the independence of anti-corruption bodies of Ukraine. We are also open to deepening interdepartmental cooperation between the NACP and our competent bodies, including providing technical assistance”, — the Ambassador added.

Oleksandr Novikov noted that cooperation with Japan in the field of digitalization would be useful for the NACP:

“Japan is one of the leaders in the field of technology. The NACP is also guided by the principle of digitalization of all processes. We have significant experience in developing innovative IT solutions for preventing and countering corruption. We created a register of declarations, a register of financial reports of political parties, an anti-corruption portal, a register of corrupt officials, a “Hidden Interests” portal and the largest database of sanctions – the “War&Sanctions” portal.  The NACP hopes to exchange experience in this direction with Japanese colleagues.

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