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National Agency on Corruption Prevention
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The NACP has launched a counter for submitting declarations for 2021

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The NACP has launched a counter for submitting declarations for 2021

The National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP) has launched a counter for submitting declarations for 2021. It displays data statistics on the number of declarations submitted by public servants for 2021. The data is updated every Monday so that you can see the dynamics of declaration.

«Despite the fact that the obligation to submit declarations is voluntary, there is a very clear trend. Ordinary officials properly submit declarations, although they could postpone the submission, but among top officials and MPs, the number of persons who filed declarations is minimal. We hope that these statistics will improve as the public can follow the process, – noted Oleksandr Novikov, Head of the NACP.

As of March 13, 2023, 336,617 people submitted declarations.


  • 29,193 officials of category “A” and “B” (civil servants holding management positions);
  • 29 people’s deputies;
  • 2 current ministers (Minister of Education and Science and Minister of Defense);
  • 2 deputy heads of the Office of the President;
  • 1715 judges;
  • 7,980 prosecutors, investigators, investigators;
  •   5 heads of regional state administrations and regional military administrations.

The counter can be seen on the start page of the NACP website. It contains statistics of filing of declarations by category and the increase in the number of declarations over the last week.

Now declaration by public servants is voluntary. At the same time, a draft law on the restoration of the declaration is expected to be voted on in the Verkhovna Rada since the fall of 2022. In addition, the President recently publicly responded to a petition to restore the declaration. The international community also provided its recommendations. In particular, Transparency International recommends that Ukraine resume declaration, verification of declarations and other measures of financial control.

We hope for the integrity of officials and MPs, as well as for parliamentarians to resume declaration as soon as possible.

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