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“We are going to become an IT organization by the end of this year,” the Head of the NACP during the visit of the CPC Armenia

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“We are going to become an IT organization by the end of this year,” the Head of the NACP during the visit of the CPC Armenia

On Monday, October 4, the National Agency on Corruption Prevention opened its doors to the Corruption Prevention Commission of the Republic of Armenia. The purpose of this two-day visit is to exchange experience in the field of corruption prevention and explore possible avenues of cooperation.

Anti-corruption policy, mechanism of financial control in Ukraine, IT innovations in the sphere of corruption prevention, political corruption, and conflict of interest have become the main topics to discuss during the visit.

During the inaugural session, Oleksandr Novikov, the Head of the NACP, welcomed guests and told them about the NACP’s structure and functioning model.

Mr. Novikov paid particular attention to the IT tools, such as  E-register of Asset Declarations of Public Officials and the process of digitalization of the institution.

“We are going to become an IT organization by the end of this year,” stated Novikov and added that the NACP is planning to automatize all the processes completely, including the process of verifying the declarations.

The structural units of the NACP also shared their experience and successful practices in implementing the anti-corruption policies and tools. Another important subject was the HR reform inside the NACP, the training for the staff of the anti-corruption institutions, and the “sense of common purpose.” Ivan Presniakov, the Deputy Head of the NACP, mentioned that “the IT tools and the team are the main assets of the NACP”.

As the representatives of the CPC of Armenia explained, after the Velvet Revolution three years ago, the fight against corruption has become one of the main priorities in the country. The positive change of Transparency International Corruption Perception Index showed that society had noticed significant improvement.

The CPC Armenia was formed at the end of 2019, and some departments were created recently; that is why the representatives of the Armenian delegation considered it extremely useful “to see how some of the functions work in time perspective.”

“This visit was interesting by all means as you [NACP] have more experience. Some functions that we already have or are in the developing stage in our country, in the NACP have been working for some time”, – commented the visit Aramayis Pashinyan, a member of CPC Armenia.

Still, there “were many questions left” and topics to discuss, and Mr.Pashinyan added that the representatives of the two institutions have already agreed to continue their further collaboration and experience exchange in an online format.

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