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State Anti-Corruption Program

State Anti-Corruption Program for 2023 - 2025 (SACP) envisions over 1000 measures to reduce corruption and ensure integrity in 15 areas. How Authorities Implement them? — in the Information System for Monitoring the Implementation of State Anti-Corruption Policy

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State Anti-Corruption Program
Problems/issues 73
Expected Strategic Results 272
Measures 1345

NACP Heroes Who Gave Their Lives for a Free Ukraine Currently Serving in the Defence Forces 17 NACP Employees

Yulia Shevchenko Yulia Shevchenko 30.07.2023 worked in the Department of mandatory full inspections
Finogenov Oleg Finogenov Oleg 25.08.2022 worked at Digital transformation and innovation development unit
Hlyshchov Dmytro Hlyshchov Dmytro 29.05.2022 worked at unit of Department of conflict interests prevention
Boychenko Olexandr Boychenko Olexandr 13.03.2022 worked at unit of Department of conflict interests prevention
  • Compliance officers
  • Registers
  • Declaration
  • Conflict of interests
  • Political parties
  • Whistleblowers

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