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“Orchestra of annexation”: The NACP offers to participate in the identification of those present at the Kremlin ceremony

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“Orchestra of annexation”: The NACP offers to participate in the identification of those present at the Kremlin ceremony

On September 30, the 219th day of Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin unexpectedly announced the annexation of part of the occupied Ukrainian territories to Russia, which was preceded by the holding of so-called “referendums”.

In the St. George’s Hall of the Kremlin that day, he gathered the political elite of Russia: deputies of the State Duma, senators of the Federation Council, ministers, heads of regions, law enforcement officers, religious figures, and media persons. Their participation in this event is additional evidence of the direct role of the political elite in Vladimir Putin’s policy, which violates the UN Charter and supports the war and genocide of Ukrainians.

Why is it important to identify the participants of this event?

The National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP) partially identified the participants of this action and created a new section on the “War & Sanctions” web portal – “St. George’s Hall annexation orchestra.  Persistent perpetrators of the UN principles”, to identify all those who support the Kremlin’s war policy and include them in the lists of candidates for sanctions.

 The NACP received a plan of the Kremlin Palace, in which the St. George’s Hall is located. Photos of all attendees were superimposed on the plan of the hall, preserving the actual location during the ceremony. As it turned out, Putin is afraid even of his closest entourage, because during the speech the distance between him and the first row of his listeners was approximately 12 meters.

The NACP experts analyzed photo and video materials from the St. George’s Hall.  This ceremony was attended by 585 people, of whom 115 have already been identified. The identification of people who participated in the Russian annexation of Ukrainian territories continues.

“All the participants of this ceremony must bear responsibility, because each of them, with their participation, signed up to the annexation of the territories of Ukraine and the violation of the norms of international law. With their participation, they support the policy of continuing a brutal and cynical war. That’s why the experts of NACP have created an IT tool that clearly shows the participants of this ceremony and the fact of the imposition or absence of sanctions.  Currently, some of the identified individuals are under sanctions in only a few jurisdictions or avoid sanctions altogether.  Thus, 37 out of 115 identified persons were not sanctioned by any of the countries.  That’s why NACP analysts continue their work. In addition, we call on everyone who cares to join the search in order to find even more Russians on whom sanctions should be imposed. This map allows you to pay attention to those people who have been in the shadows until now and on whom no sanctions have been imposed. This is, for example, Valeriy Zorkin – the head of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, who sits in the first row. Only Ukraine imposed sanctions on him, in contrast to the G7 countries, although he took a direct part in making changes to the constitution of the Russian Federation, legitimizing the annexation,” — said Head of the NACP Oleksandr Novikov.

According to him, Russia’s decision to annex the territories of Ukraine and the changes made to the Russian constitution call into question the very existence of such a concept as statehood for the Russian Federation. After all, according to the version of the Russian Federation, it now includes territories under the control of another state.

“In fact, the Russians have made changes to their constitution that indicate that the Russian Federation includes territories that are not controlled by it. Currently, it is like an open door for the collapse of Russia as a state. After all, we currently have a precedent for the exit of other subjects of the Russian Federation from its control,” —added the Head of the NACP.

How to help identify other participants of this event?

You can see which of Putin’s guests have already been identified by the NACP experts by viewing the section “St. George’s Hall annexation orchestra.  Persistent perpetrators of the UN principles” via the link:  By clicking on the photo, you will see who it is and what sanctions have already been imposed or not imposed on this official.

Photos of unidentified participants are highlighted in red. If you recognize the faces of the event participants in a photo or video of the ceremony, you can write and send a corresponding message by clicking on the photo before doing so. This way you will help identify all the participants in the crime for which they should be held responsible.

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