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The anti-corruption portal is designed to provide anti-corruption officers, management of state and self-government bodies, as well as civil society with high-quality resources and instruments to prevent corruption in respective bodies or spheres. In 2021, the NACP launched a pilot version of this multifunctional IT solution. It will unite more than 9000 representatives of authorized units (anti-corruption officers) from different bodies all over Ukraine, digitize their business processes and communication with the NACP, enable ongoing professional development and a network of proactive anti-corruption officers which implement best practices in their institutions. The knowledge base prepared by qualified sectoral experts and the set of tools of the portal will help to more effectively identify corruption risks and build a reliable system for preventing corruption.

Purpose of the Register:

to digitize and enhance processes on corruption prevention in Ukraine.

Dates of launch:

the pilot version launched in October 2021.

Target groups:

- anti-corruption officers and authorized units in Ukraine;
- management of the respective public bodies;
- anti-corruption experts, civic activists, journalists, citizens;


Corruption risks catalogue - the portal provides systematized analysis of typical corruption risks that arise in different spheres of public administration with recommendations on how to mitigate them.
Knowledge base for Anti-Corruption Officers - the portal is aggregating all methodical and educational materials including online courses about the work of authorized units (anti-corruption officers) prepared by the NACP.
Anti-Corruption Officers Performance Index - the NACP published at the portal an Index of average performance of AC officers. Anti-Corruption officers could download a certificate with their own results. Map of Anti-Corruption Units/Officers - the special interactive map helps to find and contact responsible AC officers in public bodies all over Ukraine, as well as find out information about their effectiveness from Anti-Corruption Officers Performance Index.
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