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POLITDATA combines the NACP’s best practices of working with data and e-declarations perfected over the years. This innovative instrument helps to guarantee adherence to the principle of transparency and accountability by political forces in Ukraine.

The political parties can now submit reports about the sources and nature of their funding to a convenient web-based platform instead of submitting the bulky paper reports. It is also a place where the data is verified, stored, and made available to the general public. With journalists and activists having access to POLITDATA information, it will be more difficult to hide the origin of the funds or disguise illicit funding sources.

The set of rules according to which the data is analyzed is what makes POLITDATA so effective. As the deadline for verifying the reports is limited to 60 days by law, time is a significant factor in this process. Previously, analysts needed to manually check the information provided by the party in several different registers. If they found any discrepancies, the NACP would ask the political party to clarify the matter. It could take several days before a party received such a request, after which it had up to 15 days to provide the clarifications.

Today, by contrast, POLITDATA automatically verifies all the information by using specific parameters in 14 state registers. Analysts can see the verification results and any abnormalities in the data in a special electronic office. There is also an option to compare the reports from different years to obtain information about new assets acquired by political parties. Once its analysis is finished, the NACP makes an electronic request to a political party that is delivered within a few minutes.

Purpose of the Register:

to prevent political corruption in Ukraine.

Dates of launch:

launched in May 2021.

Number of registered users:

more than 136 political parties and 3,480 regional branches are registered.

Target groups:

- political parties in Ukraine;
- civic activists, journalists, citizens that monitors risks of political corruption;
- NACP that administers the Register;
- other state bodies including law-enforcement agencies.


POLITDATA offers many benefitsover paper reporting:
Proper document storage practices are a cornerstone of handling data correctly, and POLITDATA guarantees appropriate data protection, transparency, and adequate storage of information.
It reduces transportation costs and printing budgets. There is no need to produce additional copies of all the documents.
There is an option for political parties to create a new report based on the previous one, which reduces the amount of information that has to be entered and can help avoid possible errors when transferring the data from one report to another.
The register automatically updates according to any changes in legislation.
The possibility of losing the state funding through error has drastically decreased because the procedure has become simple and clear. In addition, NACP specialists can always provide the party representatives with сlarifications and offer real-time solutions to any problems that arise.
The NACP’s vision is to expand the system by creating a universal IT solution that other countries can use to combat corruption.

Since the launch of POLITDATA, we have encouraged the users to submit feedback about how the system functions and any inconveniences they may have encountered. Our IT specialists are constantly upgrading the system, making it both more effective and more convenient for political parties’ representatives, analysts, and the general public.
Today, the register of political parties reports called POLITDATA is an efficient tool which automatically verifies data and increases the transparency of money in politics. The NACP plans to share this technology with other countries striving to develop a better political finance system.”

Alexander Novikov, Head of NACP
+38 (044) 200-06-94
working hours: 09:00 - 18:00