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Since it was introduced four years ago, the E-register of Asset Declarations of Public Officials went a long way to become one of the most advanced state IT solutions that revolutionized the anti-corruption system in Ukraine. In 2016, e-declaring was an important task set by the IMF for the Ukrainian government. The idea at that time seemed overly ambitious, but thanks to Ukraine’s international partners, efforts, and dedication of specialists of the National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP), today the E-register is the biggest global database on the assets of public officials. With 1.300.000 users registered on the platform, an analytical module of verifying the information with 16 registers and public API, the system doesn’t have any analogs in the world.

Purpose of the Register:

to ensure the incompatibility of public service and corruption.

Dates of launch:

launched in 2016, updated in 2020.

Number of users:

over 1,450,000 registered users.

Number of documents:

6,692,446 documents as of 29.11.21.

Target groups:

- public officials (state top-management, civil servants, heads of state enterprises and local government officials) who submit declarations;
- civic activists, journalists, citizens who monitor declared assets;
- the NACP that controls the submission and verifies declarations;
- other state bodies including law-enforcement agencies.encies.


Public control. The public part of the system is open to everyone. It means that public organizations, mass media, journalists, and the general public can get acquainted with the information, conduct their investigations based on documents from the register.

The NACP employees work with complete data, which provides them with the functional instrument to verify the declarations.

A voter can check the candidates and see how their assets have changed over time. People can see who they are voting for in the elections. We created a potent tool that provides opportunities for analysis and control of officials.


The development of the E-register started in 2015, even before the full launch of the NACP. Initially, the project team consisted of the specialists of the UNDP, the Ministry of Justice, and the development company. Two month before the E-register launch the NACP team of eight IT-specialists joined ensuring the quality control of the project. According to Olexiy Maruzhenko, one of the developers and current Deputy Head of the NACP State Registers Support Unit, at that moment, the estimated time needed to finish all the work before the start was one year. In addition to the technical part, the structure and protocols for information exchange had to be elaborated while the NACP did not have any reliable data on the exact number of declarants in the country. The E-register launch required the development of infrastructure in the NACP itself from scratch: there was only one chair and a table in the NACP’s office. It was physically impossible to create a fully functioning system in such a short period of time
Still, the 15th of August of 2016 became a particular date for the NACP. After two months of hard work and sleepless nights of all people involved in the project creation, the first version of the register was launched. At that stage, it had limited functions, such as submitting, storing, and making the data public. With the help of the government and donors, the NACP bought the necessary equipment and first computers. In the following years, the NACP was ensuring that the declarants know how to fill the declarations, and analysts how to properly use the register, successfully dealt with several server crashes, tested rules, and resolved numerous technical issues. Today, it is a stable working system. The NACP also has its data processing center, and we constantly upgrade the software and hardware platform to make the register even more functional.
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