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Due to the new legislation on whistleblowers protection in Ukraine, each authority had to develop its own secure channel for reporting corruption. The NACP took over this mission, creating a unified portal with secure communication channels for anonymous reporting of corruption in accordance with international standards for the whistleblowers’ protection. The functionality of the portal will help a person who wants to report the fact of corruption, to specify the message, identify the sphere and the responsible body which should be addressed in connection with a certain case.

The portal will consist of a public part, where you can submit a message and track the status of its consideration by a special code, and an internal part with the personal cabinets of responsible public officials from each body. The portal will ensure high standards of protection of information received from whistleblowers, reduce the risks of unauthorized access to whistleblower messages, make corruption reporting convenient, comfortable for whistleblowers and provide more "focused" messages on corruption for responsible bodies.

In addition, whistleblowers who report a corruption crime that exceeds the threshold set by law (in 2021 it is UAH 12,405,000 / EUR 412,687) will receive a reward of 10% of the amount of the corruption crime after the court's conviction.

Purpose of the Register:

to ensure the inevitability of responsibility for corruption-related offences and achieve zero tolerance for corruption in Ukraine.

Dates of launch:

Portal is under development, launch expected in January 2022.

Expected number of users:

more than 25,000 users.

Target groups:

- people who want to report corruption, whistleblowers;
- state authorities and local self-government bodies;
- civic activists, journalists, citizens that monitors anti-corruption activity;
- NACP that administers the Portal.
soon to be launched


Public control - the public part of the Portal will be open to the public, including information on the total number of messages and their status of their consideration, the number of messages submitted by visitors (whistleblowers) through internal and regular channels.
Prevention and Counteraction - according to the Law on Corruption Prevention, if information obtained from a report about corruption-related offences is confirmed, the head of the respective body shall take measures to stop the violation, eliminate its consequences and bring the perpetrators to disciplinary responsibility. If a case contains features of a criminal or administrative offense, the head also informs the authorized anti-corruption body to proceed with its consideration.
Complete anonymity and data protection - the NACP builds the Portal in accordance with innovative approaches and requirements to software and hardware to ensure highest protection and sustainable work of the system. Under some conditions a person can disclose their anonymity to the NACP, become a whistleblower and receive all necessary assistance in accordance with the law.
Secure channels and personal cabinets - each state body will be addressed through the portal by a separate secure channel and NACP won’t have access to those messages. The responsible public officials will work with the Portal functionality and consider submitted messages in the personal cabinet
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